Defense & Security

With decades of experience working within the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector, the Composable Analytics team is acutely aware of the importance of generating (near)-real-time actionable intelligence from data. Multi-INT data fusion has been hallmark of defense, security and intelligence analysis – and has now been taken to a new extreme with the advent of numerous air, ground, maritime and space sensors.

Decision Support tools enable a decision-maker to interpret information collected by, for example, unmanned aircraft or unattended ground sensors by ingesting, processing and visualizing aggregates of data to compare and correlate multiple data streams.

The Composable Analytics platform has been successfully applied on a number of DoD, DHS and Public Health scenarios. With a visual, flow-based programming model, and advanced, built-in, self-service analytics, comparing and correlating data from multiple sources is now possible for all subject matter experts, regardless of technical software expertise.

We invite you to read our Technical Report: Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)