Data Orchestration, Automation and Analytics for Real-Time Operational and Business Intelligence

Data Discovery, Management and Analytics

Enterprise-grade data integration platform

Business Intelligence

Real-time dynamic, business analytics

Workflow Automation

Composable data infrastructure to configure, execute, automate and monitor workflows

Composable Analytics is an enterprise-grade analytics ecosystem built for business users that want to architect data intelligence solutions that leverage disparate data sources, live feeds, and event data regardless of the format or structure of the data.

With a modern, intuitive dataflow visual designer, built-in services to facilitate data engineering, and a composable architecture that enables abstraction and integration of any software or analytical approach, Composable Analytics is the leading integrated development environment to discover, manage, transform and analyze enterprise data.

Self-Service, Flexible Dataflow Analytics


Data ingestion, enrichment, processing, analysis, and visualization using intuitive flow-based programming and advanced data science techniques


Self-service platform allows you to deploy and share your analytics at scale


Share dataflow applications and boards, so others can reuse, extend or augment them

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Full-Stack DataOps Platform

Data Exploration

Rapidly characterize data structures and relationships

Visual Query Views

Construct custom database interfaces

Rapid Application Development

Go from the data model to web and business layers to user interface in minutes.

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Enhanced Benefits

Quick Analytical App Development

Significantly improve the development and execution time of applications, allowing for deeper insight and broader dissemination of information.

Marketplace for Data and Analytics

Encapsulate your data and apps and leverage existing components, in a framework that provides late-binding configuration using a data-flow methodology.

Cloud, Managed Server or On-Premise

Cloud ready business solutions – partner with confidence.

Unique Approach

What our clients say

“Composable’s self service model automatically disseminates my data, and lets me focus on developing new analytics.”

Healthcare Customer

“Composable Analytics automated a 6 month data ingestion process in 6 minutes.”

Oil & Gas Client

Harness the Power of Big Data

Transform your Industry in the Era of High Volume, High Velocity, and High Variety Data

On-board Boeing 787 Sensors

Who We Are?

We are an MIT advanced data analytics spin-off company focused on utilizing modern, intuitive event-driven workflows for the analysis of big data. A strong MIT culture remains across our innovative team of Software Developers and Data Scientists.

Our team is made up of a unique combination of:

  • Engineers with expertise in building and maintaining large-scale, distributed, web-based platforms, utilizing cutting-edge technologies
  • Data Scientists that are skilled at pattern recognition, predictive analysis, data mining and expert system concepts
  • Front-end UIUX Developers that are passionate about creating well-architected user interfaces and transforming raw data into clear, accessible and interactive data visualizations
Software Engineering
Data Science
DevOps & Data Engineering


Latest news

Composable Analytics partners with Cloudera

Composable Analytics, Inc., a global technology company that builds innovative DataOps products and solutions, recently announced that it has entered a partnership with Cloudera to deploy an integrated modern big data solution for the enterprise, ensuring that clients generate even more business value from their big data platforms. About Composable Analytics Composable Analytics, Inc. builds […]

North East Database Day 2017

The 9th Annual North East Database Day, held this year at the MIT Stata Center for Computer, Information, and Intelligence Sciences on January 27, 2017, drew 225 researchers, practitioners, and key thought leaders. The conference was sponsored by Microsoft and Facebook. The packed agenda showcased work by top academic groups, startups and corporate research labs. […]

2016 MIT Research and Development Conference

Composable Analytics exhibited at the 2016 MIT Research and Development Conference on November 16 – 17.

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