Composable Analytics can be effectively applied in a variety of industry sectors across specific areas or departments. Whether you need to create re-occurring reports, analyze customer data, or automate personal tasks, Composable Analytics has you covered.


Do you need to analyze machine created data and log files? Provision VMs and script configuration changes? Not a problem with Composable Analytics.


Having trouble automating your experiments and producing consistent results on massively parallel computing clusters? Want to automatically disseminate and share your results? Composable Analytics can help.

Sales and Marketing

Is your marketing team in sync with sales? Is accounting aware of sales in the pipeline? Need to create cross-department reports? Check.


Looking for that missing order? Continuously improving and looking for defects and root causes? Create a re-occurring application for what you need.


Tired of always going to the same websites (news, craigslist, eBay)? Then create some applications that alert you of the items your looking for.

Web Automation

Want your Facebook photos to be sent to your DropBox? Want to be notified when its going to rain today? Easy with Composable Analytics.

Public Health

Detecting disease outbreaks? Want to know what’s happening in other states or jurisdictions? We’ve got you covered.

Health Care

Reduce fraudulent claims. Improve clinical care. With Composable Analytics, you can look across healthcare systems.


Is sales not in sync with you? Want to track your continous improvement? Roger that.


Want to know when to buy a stock? Let’s create an app for that.
Are you in spreadsheet hell? Say hello to the solution.