Composable Enterprise, a full-stack analytics platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics, accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis.

Deployment Options


Composable Enterprise is a native cloud application, best optimized for a cloud computing architecture. The platform can be deployed on an existing cloud infrastructure, configured for multi-machine and scale-out deployments.

A self-service option is available on the AWS Marketplace and the Azure Marketplace where you can launch and begin to use your own Composable instance immediately.


Composable Enterprise can be hosted on a managed cloud instance for your enterprise. Our dedicated DevOps and Dataflow Engineers handle all system administration, configuration and DevOps processes, including software installation and configuration, operations and support, and all network, firewall, and security rules.

On-Premise Solution

A company’s most important asset can be its data. With a heritage stemming from the Defense, Security and Intelligence sectors, and successful deployments at the enterprise-level where personally identifiable information is stored, we understand privacy and security concerns. Security and Information Assurance have been incorporated into the Composable architecture from the start, even in our cloud-based solutions. But sometimes data simply doesn’t belong outside the corporate firewall, and we are able to offer an on-premise solution, even on air-gapped servers that are off the network.  Download your copy now and install it on your own servers.